Creo Talk – Marketing Channel Segmentation Using the PESO Model


PESO stands for – Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. It is a marketing model that allows marketers to segment their marketing channels at a brand’s disposal. Now, just because the PESO model is considered a stellar marketing strategy, I have my reservations about it. This is because the PESO Model fails to address a bagful […]

The Arranged Marriage Between Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Investing time and resources in marketing automation can solve complex problems that any marketing team faces. The knot of mixed-up consumer data, grooming customer expectations, and competition, all make up a unique proposal to marketers. The solution – an arranged marriage between marketing and automation. Marketing automation software/tools help organizations plan and execute campaigns. They […]

The Power of Sending out a ‘We are Re-opening’ Email

email marketing

For restaurants, malls, gyms, supermarkets, and probably every establishment, the pandemic has been like a dark shadow. With lockdowns hitting streets in the US, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, Australia, and almost every country we know of. Business owners spent their life’s savings into their business, never expecting COVID-19 to sweep across, and hit them this […]

Looking to hire a Digital Marketing agency? Keep this in mind.

Digital Marketing Agency

As you start rebuilding your business post the lockdown, or you’re looking to pick up where you left off, chances are that you will need some help getting that initial push back into the market. While it makes sense to start with an advertising campaign, you’re probably apprehensive about it because of the costs involved. […]

How to Create Newsletters That Keep People Subscribing?

how to create a newsletter

Email Marketing is not dead. We’ve already said it before and we will say it again. If you want to maintain contact and communication with your customers, emails are a great way of doing so. In fact, high quality and informative newsletters can go beyond contact and can prove to be a great way of […]

Looking for Digital Marketing Jobs in Goa?

Have you heard of digital marketing and are wondering if you can make the cut? If you’re hoping to make your career in the field, you can look for a job at a digital marketing agency in Goa or you can begin as a freelancer or intern to get a foot in the door. To […]

10 Motivating Digital Marketing Quotes to Begin Your Week

If you’re a digital marketer or if you work at a digital marketing agency, you’re definitely always on the lookout for some inspiration. And what better a day than Monday, for that beginning-of-the-week dose of digital marketing motivation? As digital marketers ourselves, we decided to round up some of our favourite digital marketing quotes to […]

Top 5 Growth Hacking Books Every Digital Marketer Should Read

The digital marketing field is far from being where it started off. Traditional digital marketers worked principally on brand awareness and customer acquisition. Growth hackers go beyond and acquire a wide range of strategies to promote marketing, sales, and growth – at a lightning speed. Being essentially tech-savvy and data-driven along with creative, growth hacking […]

How to Create a Landing Page That Converts? Here’s a Quick Checklist.

In a buyer’s journey, a landing page is that intermediate stage where a potential customer acquired through a lead is one step away from becoming an actual one. To have a landing page that succeeds in converting and making the transition happen is crucial in your marketing campaign, and can make or even break it.  […]

What Is Influencer Marketing and What Are the Types of Influencers?

Word-of-mouth publicity is the oldest tactic in the marketing book. But with social media, the faces of those your target audience is listening to have changed. One of the things that has come out of social media’s evolution and taken a life of its own is influencers – and with it, influencer marketing. As an […]