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The Arranged Marriage Between Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Investing time and resources in marketing automation can solve complex problems that any marketing team faces.

The knot of mixed-up consumer data, grooming customer expectations, and competition, all make up a unique proposal to marketers. The solution – an arranged marriage between marketing and automation.

Marketing automation software/tools help organizations plan and execute campaigns. They do this by automating relevant messages being sent to a targeted audience at the best possible time. You can view daily reports and tweak your campaigns based on this data. 

We, at Creometric, strive to remain as one of India’s best digital marketing agencies. We adopt marketing automation to manage clients who expect a high-level marketing result. The following 5 reasons are enough to adopt marketing automation towards digital marketing endeavors.

Marketing automation benefit #1 – Quality leads

The sales guys get a broad smile on their faces when marketing automation is mentioned anywhere. Lead quality is of utmost importance.

Low quality leads waste time and money. A marketing automation platform can eliminate the appearance of low-quality leads by focussing on the company’s most suitable prospects.

The top end of the funnel is where the best quality leads are. Through marketing automation, only those with buyer intent are targeted. Through automated lead capture forms, scheduled social promotions, SEO audits, and advertising, super-hot prospects can be turned to leads.

Leads can be nurtured further. Automated email campaigns for sending newsletters and upcoming events can make the lead feel wanted and informed. This opens the door for meaningful conversations and prospective ‘return customer’ scenarios.

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Marketing automation benefit #2 – Reduced churn

The cost of acquiring a new customer always exceeds that of keeping one. It makes perfect sense to invest money in retaining existing customers.

Digital marketing automation has the potential to maintain relationships with current customers. The right messages are sent out the right time, based on their behavior and interests.

Automated messages can prevent customer churn rate to go high. They remain faithful customers through timely engagement and advice. Trigger emails are shot out at regular intervals, compelling your customers to take necessary action.

Marketing automation benefit #3 – Increased branding

Customers visit your website to either gain information, interact with your business, or initiate a transaction.

You want your customers to see a standard brand identity on websites, social media, and branding collaterals. Vice versa, those same customers will interact with your automated content through a smartphone, desktop, or app.

With marketing automation, you can reach new or existing audiences through visuals, videos, or textual content.

Benefit #4 – Gauging ROI

Marketing automation platforms facilitate a data-driven approach. You can measure campaign performances that allow marketers to determine the impact of key actions and pinpoint areas to improve.

Marketers can then make well-informed decisions that align with company goals. Ambitious steps can be taken towards long-term goals, with the automated data sufficient to garner higher revenue.

Benefit #5 – Data silos

The marketing team and sales team work towards the same goal i.e. revenue. Although, their point of view towards respective customer data varies.

There is an alignment maintained by marketing automation. Both customer data views are brought together. This way common strategies and goals are set. The end goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

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