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How to Create a Landing Page That Converts? Here’s a Quick Checklist.

In a buyer’s journey, a landing page is that intermediate stage where a potential customer acquired through a lead is one step away from becoming an actual one. To have a landing page that succeeds in converting and making the transition happen is crucial in your marketing campaign, and can make or even break it. 

But designing a great landing page that brings you conversions is not rocket science. It may take a little time and thought in order to find that golden mean between great UI and great UX i.e. aesthetics vs. functionality, but it is feasible. In fact, it can even be brought down to a simple checklist and we’ve decided to draw up one up for you. 

  • A great headline that grabs your visitors’ attention
  • Engaging visual content that speaks for your product
  • A single clear and powerful Call-To-Action that stands out 
  • A simple and short form 
  • A focus on your unique value proposition 
  • Short and concise copy that is simple and drives the point home.
  • Testimonials as social proof for the value of your product
  • Copy that triggers emotions: a reminder of pain followed by desire and motivation
  • Flawless grammar and spelling
  • A clear method of contact

Make sure your landing page checks all these criteria and conversions will come your way. You can also use A/B testing to see what works best for your target audience as landing pages. At the end of the day, your landing page must be designed in terms of what works best for your target users. 

If you found this checklist useful or would like to tell us about your experience with landing pages, we would love to hear from you. And if you’re looking for a digital marketing company and web design agency in Goa that not only curates online marketing campaigns but also designs landing pages that convert, get in touch with us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blogs in Business

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What topics should I write about in my business blog?

 Focus on topics that align with your business and provide value to your target audience. Address common pain points, answer frequently asked questions, share industry insights, and showcase your expertise. It’s about providing useful content that your audience will find relevant.

Use a conversational tone, include visuals (images, infographics), and break up text with subheadings and bullet points. Encourage reader interaction through comments and social media. Incorporate storytelling and real-world examples to make your content relatable.


Utilize social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to promote your blog posts. Engage with online communities related to your industry, collaborate with influencers, and consider paid advertising to expand your reach.

Regularly read industry blogs, follow thought leaders on social media, and attend relevant conferences or webinars. Stay informed about changes in SEO algorithms, content marketing strategies, and emerging trends in your industry.