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July 16, 2020

Digital Marketing Agency

As you start rebuilding your business post the lockdown, or you’re looking to pick up where you left off, chances are that you will need some help getting that initial push back into the market. While it makes sense to start with an advertising campaign, you’re probably apprehensive about it because of the costs involved. Well, in that case, why not consider Digital Marketing. There are a number of great Digital Marketing agencies like Creometric which is one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in the country who can help bolster your brand on the internet. But how do you go about choosing the agency that works best for you? This should help.

Needs vs Budget

Digital Marketing agencies like Creometric handle everything from SEO to content creation, Social Media Marketing to Performance, and a host of other services. Before you approach an agency, you will need to know what you require, and how to prioritise it. Based on this, you can begin to formulate a budget. Most Digital Marketing agencies are flexible enough to work around your budget and set your expectations accordingly. Remember, everyone’s needs are not the same, which is why you cannot expect a set price for everything.


Transparency is the key to a long and fruitful relationship. This applies to business relationships as well. A good Digital Marketing agency will be proud of the work they’ve done, and the clients they’ve worked with. You should be able to view information like this on their website under sections like our ‘our clients’ or ‘case studies’. Important information like physical address and even key team members adds credibility as well. It’s extremely important to find out everything you can and be completely satisfied before getting into any agreements or signing contracts.


In the previous point, we mentioned credibility, and here, we’re going to talk about its importance. Agencies like Creometric have been around for more than half a decade, and have worked with dozens of high profile clients such as Wendell Rodricks and Club Tito’s. Apart from just reading through the published case studies, it would be helpful to read through the testimonials as well. You can even find out more honest reviews on Google, or the agency’s social media pages, for example, Creometric’s profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn. In addition, check out how well the agency’s own homepage is ranking online. If they can do it for themselves, they can definitely do it for you!

Industry Experience

In case your business falls in a niche category, you may want to find an agency that has some experience with your industry – though you shouldn’t be disheartened if you can’t find one. Just because an agency hasn’t worked with a particular industry, it doesn’t mean that they will not work out for you. Sometimes, agencies that have worked with multiple industries are adept at handling different types of clients and so it’s important to be open and willing to work enthusiastically to build a strong partnership. At the same time, newer agencies can offer a fresh and ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to your marketing strategy.

The technical side

In a lot of newer agencies, key account managers represent the agency, while you are the client. But when it comes to the technicalities, there’s no representative – and that can be dangerous. A good plan of action when approaching a Digital Marketing Agency would be to find out from your potential account manager if they have done purely agency work, handled clients or gotten their hands dirty with the tech aspects of development. If they’ve done all three, then you have yourself a well-rounded Digital Marketer. 

The buddy test

Finally, this point might seem trivial, but it’s not. An important part of Digital Marketing is Social. When you’ve finally made your list, ask yourself, how do you see this relationship going, and what do you want from it? Marketing is supposed to be fun for business owners who are doing all the mundane operational tasks needed to run their business. So, choose an agency that aligns with your personality and availability and is also fun to work with. At the end of the day, you want an agency that ‘gets you’ and with whom you can bring out yours and your company’s personality.

Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Agency that can give you the push you’re looking for? Then consider reaching out to us over at Creometric. We’d love to hear from you!

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