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The Power of Sending out a ‘We are Re-opening’ Email

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For restaurants, malls, gyms, supermarkets, and probably every establishment, the pandemic has been like a dark shadow.

With lockdowns hitting streets in the US, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, Australia, and almost every country we know of. Business owners spent their life’s savings into their business, never expecting COVID-19 to sweep across, and hit them this hard.

If businesses are struggling with no customers and no revenue, some of the world’s best digital marketing agencies are also dumbstruck. Keyword trends have seen ‘COVID-19’, ‘coronavirus’, and ‘pandemic’ related words take precedence.

Marketers are facing their own difficulties in estimating ad budgets, narrowing down top-performing keywords, and forecast revenue spikes. One appendage in the digital marketing arm that felt distant is Email marketing.

Why did Email marketing get side-lined?

With consumer behavior going for a toss, marketers were left scurrying to find solutions. New behavior (with respect to lockdowns, quarantines, and digital options) meant fresh research, with a lack of data.

Never was a pandemic experienced before by us millennials. Google Trends never found the Spanish Flu. Where could marketers find data to anticipate their next strategies from?

According to Hubspot, email send volumes increased during Q1 of 2020 but response rates fell by nearly 30%. This meant that people still opened their emails but were looking for COVID related information and solutions. Not sales outreach.

Businesses were being shut temporarily, and nobody wanted to spend even a dollar/rupee on email marketing.

An analyst predicted that nearly 15,000 permanent retail outlets could close by the end of 2020. Millions of jobs were predicted to be lost before the summer.

Jobless people were expecting a ‘You Have Been Hired’ email rather than restaurants that are ‘open near you’.

We are re-opening email

A few businesses have been lucky to see a positive upturn in fortune. Travel and leisure sectors are now completely functional, after months of being shut.

Marketers are now back to handling client projects. But the messaging needs to stay simple. With brands fond of being full of themselves, a ‘we are re-opening’ mail should not hint even a bit of arrogance.

Enticing subject

Marketers must optimize their email subject lines. This improves email open rate and clicks. It is the first thing your customer sees in the inbox.

The one-off ‘we are re-opening’ email needs to contain some clever brand-based headline writing.

Something that we at Creometric suggest is simplicity. Make the subject line less mundane. If it’s a fancy resort that is re-opening, then you have to do better than “Yay, we are open”.

Truly avid customers will click on it anyway. But, to ensure customers who haven’t visited in a while come back, cheesy puns work best.

No speeches

It is a moment of pride for establishment owners. It is a moment of relief that they and their loyal staff have overcome such a pandemic. 

The email for a new restaurant re-opening can simply say,

“We are proud and delighted to share our sanitized tables, chairs, cutlery, and policies once again. Discover the reconnection over breakfast, lunch, and dinner again.”

No added clutter, WHO guidelines, maps, announcements needed.

More power

The power moves from the sender to the recipient. The power of giving is felt. The power of announcing is experienced. The power of being established is demonstrated.

For the recipient, the power of acceptance is felt. The power of taking an action (to visit the re-opened premises or not) is given. The power of being wanted is transferred to.


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