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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

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What information do you need from us to get started on our project?

We’ll need details about your target audience, business goals, and any existing marketing strategies. Additionally, access to relevant brand assets, such as logos and product information, will facilitate a smooth start to the project.

The scope of a digital marketing project is determined through comprehensive client consultations, identifying specific goals, target audiences, and desired outcomes. A thorough analysis of current market trends and competitor landscapes is conducted to tailor a strategy aligned with the client’s objectives.

In general, the speed is based on our team workload, if we have an available specialist who can start the task immediately, we will start as soon as possible. Anyway, our specialist will need time to onboard on your project.

We address budget adjustments through open communication, discussing any changes in project scope or unforeseen requirements to ensure transparency. Our goal is to collaboratively assess the impact on the budget and provide clients with clear, informed options for decision-making.