How to write a blog about yourself, and 7 other types to choose from

how to write a blog about yourself

Over the last few years, the interest in blog writing has increased drastically. More and more companies as well as digital marketing agencies are realising the potential that blog writing has with regards to content and inbound marketing. What used to be a personal activity where one was concerned with how to write a blog […]

How does blog writing work? Tips to make your blog a hit

blog writing

What is a Blog? A blog is an online platform where a person or group of people share their views and opinions about a particular topic. Blog writing is done for various reasons varying from personal to professional, projects or business.  How does blogging work? The main purpose of a blog is to connect the […]

Here are some tips to help generate interactive content ideas

Interactive content

Content writing is being used as a marketing strategy by more and more businesses. Hence, the market is getting saturated. Due to this, there is a huge struggle to write diverse and engaging content. Interactive content is one of the most effective ways to achieve unique content. Let’s get down to the basics: What is Interactive […]

Curious about blog writing? Here’s a quick guide to the basics

blog writing

Writing a blog is useful for promoting and growing brand awareness. Blog writing is crucial when it comes to retaining customers. Blogs also help with lead generation and sales. To be good at writing blogs you need to have a strong understanding of the basics. So let’s get started: Planning Knowing and understanding your target audience […]

Need help with writing? Try these easy Content Writing Tools

Content Writing Tools

There are many different types of writing used to convey different aims and meanings. Hence, content writing is a demanding task. As a blogger, you need to be flexible and ready to try different hats. The competition is so intense that you need to write at least 3 to 6 articles per week. These articles […]

If your company was affected by COVID-19, invest in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

No one could have imagined or predicted the impact a global pandemic such as COVID-19 could have on the economy – except for maybe Bill Gates in his famous TedTalk back in 2015. A recent report by SEO industry leader SEMrush, outlined the economic impact of Coronavirus on the global economy, with attention to specific […]

Types of Content You Can Use To Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing

Writing different types of content helps you connect with different audiences. In order to reach a larger audience, you need to add different types of content to your content marketing armoury. It is also important to engage in  Effective Content Promotion and understand How to effectively promote your content for better business gains. Here is […]

How does content writing work? 3-5 tips on How to Be a Good Content Writer

content writing

If you want to know how to become a content writer? Or, what is the role of a content writer? This blog will help answer your questions. Let us start with the basics of content writing first. What is Content Writing? Content writing is collating pieces of information, or opinions for which you conduct research […]

What is Content Writing? Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content Writing for Beginners

When it comes to Content Writing for beginners, it is crucial to understand the basics. Once you build a strong foundation, you can write several amazing and mind-boggling pieces of content. Let’s start with understanding the basic terms. What is Content? Content is a way of expression through various means like writing, video, or speech. […]

Content vs. Design: Does One Come First?

In the world of digital marketing, perhaps one of the biggest chicken-and-egg debates is that of content versus design. So what does comes first, design or content? Here’s our take on this battle for precedence!  Those in favour of the design-first approach would argue that planning design before content helps streamline writing through constraints. Could […]