Creo Talk – Marketing Channel Segmentation Using the PESO Model


PESO stands for – Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. It is a marketing model that allows marketers to segment their marketing channels at a brand’s disposal. Now, just because the PESO model is considered a stellar marketing strategy, I have my reservations about it. This is because the PESO Model fails to address a bagful […]

How Nike Got Its Marketing Right This Pandemic, And What We Can Learn

Nike’s “Just Do It” war cry is instantly recognizable. From it’s iconic ‘Its Play for the World’ and ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ marketing campaigns, Nike has always found a way to connect to its audiences. That same “Just Do It” war cry is also marketed around during this pandemic. It has resonated with billions around […]

How Not to Lose Out on Christmas for Your Online Marketing Strategy

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s still not too late to capitalise on the festive spirit to boost your online marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, we’ve rounded a few tips that will help you make the most of the season.  Christmas Special Festive offers  Let’s begin with the obvious one. It goes […]

Removing a Webpage From Google Search Results – the Why and the How

Google search indexes websites, and lists all of its pages and subpages so that it can present them as search results. Based on how optimised for search your pages are, these results are presented through various rankings on Google’s results page. But what if you have a page on your site that you don’t want […]

These 7 SEO Hacks Are Often Overlooked – Though They Shouldn’t Be

Everybody talks about SEO. If you’re online, then you need SEO. There are so many companies that specialise in Search Engine Optimization, and they all do pretty much the same thing. But in today’s competitive market, it needn’t be said, however, you need to go over and above the ordinary if you want to rank […]

How to Relax at Work

Stress may be a silent killer, but it’s definitely generating a lot of noise. And we all know that with agency life, comes stress.  In the spirit of the International Stress Awareness Week, we’ve decided to share a few stress management ideas from the Creo handbook that will you avoid that dreaded burnout.  Everyone knows […]

Marrying Poetry & Advertising To Grab Viewer’s Attention

One seldom mentions poetry and advertising in the same breath. While poetry is universally conceded to be the loftiest attainment of the verbal arts, advertising is the handmaiden of commercial motives. However, poetry and advertising do have a lot in common. They both make every possible use of rhyme and rhythm and to make the […]

Time For The Creative Industry to Befriend Data? Part II

In our last blog post about whether it is time for the creative industry to befriend data, we told you all about how data can help you connect to the right audience as well as stay relevant.  If you were convinced but are still wondering if using analytics means the end of creativity, let us […]

Time For The Creative Industry to Befriend Data? Part I

In a data-driven world,  the creative use of data can imply building sustainable relationships with the right audience, creating customer loyalty, improving brand visibility, staying competitive, and even staying creative! The importance of data in the creative industry may not be immediately obvious, but let us tell you how befriending data can take even a […]

Content vs. Design: Does One Come First?

In the world of digital marketing, perhaps one of the biggest chicken-and-egg debates is that of content versus design. So what does comes first, design or content? Here’s our take on this battle for precedence!  Those in favour of the design-first approach would argue that planning design before content helps streamline writing through constraints. Could […]