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Time For The Creative Industry to Befriend Data? Part II

In our last blog post about whether it is time for the creative industry to befriend data, we told you all about how data can help you connect to the right audience as well as stay relevant.  If you were convinced but are still wondering if using analytics means the end of creativity, let us tell you how it DOES NOT!

A great way to address this fear would be to look at how Netflix demonstrated the power of creative use of analytics to its advantage. Here are a few key insights:

First of all, Netflix has been using its data to understand its audience better by getting its algorithms to  keep track of everything right from what day and time customers watch shows, to to common cut-off moments, the time gap between episodes watched as well as browsing and scrolling behaviour. With its number of subscribers nearing a 150 million in 2019, one can only imagine the power this amount of information represents.

What does Netfllix do with all this customer behaviour related data? Well, they curate experiences tailor-made to each customer, suggesting content that users would enjoy; thus ensuring customer satisfaction. 


“There are 33 million different versions of Netflix.”
– Joris Evers, Director of Global Communications


What’s more? Netflix used its insights into customer preferences to make key decisions regarding major investments. The decision to outbid other players for the US rights for House of Cards, for example, was not based on gut instinct but on carefully studied and measured data regarding the prevalent popularity of David Fincher, Kevin Spacey and the British version of House of Cards. What made this show a goldmine, though, was that Netflix used its algorithms to connect this predictably popular show to its ideal audience. 

Has the use of analytics led to death of creativity for Netflix? Well, since numbers don’t lie, we’ll let the entertainment giant’s 43 Emmy awards and 225 nominations speak for themselves. 

What keeps companies like Netflix, Stitch Fix and Broadway relevant in the creative industry market today, is that these companies have understood the importance of adaptability, agility and, yes, even creativity  in today’s digital reality which is changing the way customers interact with the arts, culture and design. 

No matter what the size of your company, using data creatively can help you spur its growth, and it is indispensable to get the right digital marketing agency to work on it. 

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