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Marrying Poetry & Advertising To Grab Viewer’s Attention

One seldom mentions poetry and advertising in the same breath. While poetry is universally conceded to be the loftiest attainment of the verbal arts, advertising is the handmaiden of commercial motives. However, poetry and advertising do have a lot in common. They both make every possible use of rhyme and rhythm and to make the objects of experience symbolic of something beyond themselves.

We are all aware of the power of jingles, slogans, and spoken words in the advertising world. The concoction of perfect lyrics with an even perfect set up steal your attention the moment it hits the screens – be it in any form.

A  lot of big brands nowadays are using poetry to cut through the noise and clutter and grab viewers’ attention by connecting through verse. This art of creative storytelling aims to strengthen the bond between the brand and its audience and take it to a new ‘emotional’ high. Let’s take a look at some brands that have employed a burgeoning creative trend: using poetry to make a campaign stand out and give people a more personal connection to a brand.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Coca-Cola debuted a new spot in the fourth quarter featuring an inclusive message in the form of an original poem for the brand. Microsoft rolled out a 60-second ad featuring Academy Award winner Common reciting a poem about the power and possibility of artificial intelligence. A+E Networks unveiled a new brand campaign using an interactive film about storytelling and America with a poem. 

Another amazing blend of poetry and advertising in recent times is displayed in Ford’s new video titled ‘Galiyan’. 

‘Meri pattangein aaj bhi iski chatt se milne jaati hain, ye galiyaan mere ghar tak aati hain’ – ye kahani hai purani dilli aur Ford Figo ki.

Right from the ‘masjid ke samne wale paan ki dukaan’ to reveal the secrets of a ‘purani haveli’,  the two-minute-long commercial is an audiovisual treat that narrates heartwarming stories one turn a time.  The campaign brings everyday emotions to life through compelling use of verse and visuals without dwelling into mundane vehicle specifications.

The campaign was conceptualized with the thought of showing Ford cars as a witness to many of the discoveries and emotions we undergo in our life.

This technique of visuals layered with poetry is pretty powerful and brings with it a unique perspective to the brand in the form of original poems. If used well, it immediately conjures up a mood and has the capacity to draw you in along with the visuals.

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