Marketing Mistakes That Lazy Marketers Can Slip On During The Pandemic

marketing mistakes

Creometric, just like numerous other digital marketing agencies in the country were hit with a drop in ROI, clients deserting, marketing ad budgets halved, and a huge drop in overall traffic. All this happened because there was no clear picture as to how bad the pandemic really is. We thought it would subside in a […]

Looking for Digital Marketing Jobs in Goa?

Have you heard of digital marketing and are wondering if you can make the cut? If you’re hoping to make your career in the field, you can look for a job at a digital marketing agency in Goa or you can begin as a freelancer or intern to get a foot in the door. To […]

Our Digital Marketing Agency has begun to look a lot like Christmas

What does a digital marketing agency do in the spirit of Christmas?  Well, at Creometric in general, Christmas is a rather big deal every year, and this time around this digital marketing agency decided to go elvan… and partially offline. To craft the perfect Christmas vibe, our designers brought out our best design tools (other […]