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7 things to do during Coronavirus lockdown to stay productive while working from home

things to do during corona virus lockdown

‘Comfort is the enemy of achievement’ – Farrah Gray

You are in your best comfort zone at home, but don’t let the comfort of your home hinder your productivity, and make you lazy. Staying motivated when working from home is a obstacle not many ouf us had  Like many countries across the globe, we are also under complete lockdown, a proven preventive measure (against Coronavirus) to slow the spread of the virus.

Here are some tips for staying motivated when working from home and to keep yourself motivated to work from home every day of the week.

1. Plan your outfit for the next day a night before

It might sound unnatural or rather weird to plan your outfit for a home virtual office where there is nobody to comment, compliment, impress or have formal meetings with your boss or clients. But as Henry Ford precisely said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” 

To add to the quote, it’s very important to get dressed and treat each home office day as if you’re actually going to work. Effectuating this will not only help you be ready for challenges but will also keep you active and stimulate your brain to function in the morning zestfully. 

Avoid working in your hoodies and stretchy pants, rather wear what you would ordinarily wear to work which will get the lion’s share out of your task list for the day. Speaking about work from home, if your bedroom is your workspace, make sure you make your bed before you start your day, this will help you be organized and feel productive. 

2. Make justice to your work time and personal time.

things to do at homeWork from home is the least stressful when you learn to schedule your time. It’s very important to separate your work time and personal time. Set up a time for doing work which will help you be more productive rather than extending working hours and getting yourself exhausted by the end of the day. 

It’s equally important to give yourself a break to rejuvenate and tackle all your stress. For example, if you feel like playing an online game in the evening with your friends make sure you communicate that you won’t be available at a particular time, rather, you will resume work after that and ensure to commit to your word. 

3. Create your own office ambiance at home 

How to stay productive at home

Many of us are tempted to work from a couch, a comfy bean bag, an easy-chair or even from your bed getting all cozy, but this could hamper your productivity to a huge extent making you feel lazy, unmotivated and sludgy. 

Try to set yourself a consistent room, a comfy chair, a spacious desk and train your brain that its work time, not relaxation. Doing this will make you feel more organized, alert and confident in the task you undertake for the day. Personalize your workspace. 

4. Plan your workflow 

how to work from homePlanning and prioritizing your task list is one surefire way to keep up productivity at work. Plan how long you will take to complete a task, and if you have extra time, what work will you take up. 

While planning your workflow you may consider identifying what your priority tasks are, making sure you keep the most difficult task for a time when you feel most productive. Plan breaks or intervals to destress from continuous work. 

5. Avoid any sort of distraction 

Work from home is all about setting your boundaries against all possible distractions. These distractions could be kids, your spouse, roommates, girlfriends or boyfriends, pets, relatives, neighbors, or even parents. 

how to work from home Tell them politely that you need your space without anyone disturbing you. Alternatively, you could have a signboard that reads ‘do not disturb’ or ‘work mode on’. 

6. Don’t be lazy, try to keep essentials out of reach 

If you are seated in one place the whole day, you tend to get used to it and don’t feel like moving about and ultimately become lazy.  Try to keep snacks, water, and other interval munchies out of your reach so that you can get out of your seat and move.

You can also keep your phone at a distance so every time you have to use it you tend to move from your seat. But obviously don’t make it a distraction.

7. Exercise and stretching are a must 

To enhance productivity it is very important to exercise as it boosts endorphins that increase interest levels, happiness, and enjoyment. Stretching regularly helps you maintain a great posture and you don’t hinder your quality of life. Sitting in one place all day might get you overweight and lazy. Try and make time for daily or even weekly exercises, the gym, yoga or timely stretching so that your body and mind remain active. 

things to do during corona virus lockdown

If you follow these Tips for staying motivated when working from home you might turn out to be a work from home wizard. You will also realize that these could be the most productive days you’ve had. What are your tips for efficient work from home day? Let us know in the comments below. 

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