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Marketing Mistakes That Lazy Marketers Can Slip On During The Pandemic

marketing mistakes

Creometric, just like numerous other digital marketing agencies in the country were hit with a drop in ROI, clients deserting, marketing ad budgets halved, and a huge drop in overall traffic.

All this happened because there was no clear picture as to how bad the pandemic really is. We thought it would subside in a month or two, and here we are already estimating it to crawl into Q2 of 2021.

But what were some lazy mistakes that most marketers made? Could avoiding these mistakes resulted in a cushioned blow? And how can marketing strategies now make a business successful during COVID-19?

Let’s look at mistakes that could have been avoided by marketing agencies.

Marketing Mistake #1 – Ignoring mobile

Almost every digital marketing agency focuses on desktop devices as an appendage to demographics. The truth is that millions across India, and abroad prefer smartphones for searching, browsing, communicating, and purchasing.

As a marketing agency, and I assume every agency considers themselves as the best digital marketing agency, not creating mobile-friendly campaigns is a sin. You are losing thousands of prospective customers. So, avoid this mistake, and as an organization hiring a marketing agency, insist on getting results through mobile.

Marketing Mistake #2 – Selling first

Running after your audience without understanding how the pandemic has affected them is poor targeting. Just because clients agree to spend on marketing budgets doesn’t mean they are spent over scattergun.

Our experience tells us that nearly 80% of new customers actually are repeat customers. Only 20% comes from actual marketing. Therefore, more time needs to be spent on nurturing current customers.

During tough times like these, repeat customers are valuable. They know your pricing, they know how dedicated your team is as a paid investment, and will happily support you during a pandemic.

As an organization, it will also cost you way less to nurture your current customer base, than selling to new customers.

Marketing Mistake #3 – Selling to anyone

Even if your product suits multiple demographics and target audiences, selling it to everyone during a pandemic makes no sense. If the marketing agency you hired is still shelling money on targeting international audiences, then it’s a mistake.

Stay local in your approach. It is easier to target them as you can relate to their problems better. Also, the target audience personas need refining. Is your marketing agency doing that?

The people you are targeting don’t work for an organization anymore. Their financial situation has worsened. Some have relocated to Tier III cities. An entirely new target audience skeletal is needed. Are marketing agencies doing that?

Marketing Mistake #4 – Brand image

The current situation calls for a humanitarian approach, instead of a cannibalistic one. Let your competitors spend even more than you in marketing spend. Let them sell their basic package as 2x.

These things are not in your control. If your hired marketing company is letting you do this then it can severely impact your branding. People will always remember those brands who gave more than asking for some.

The messages that are sent out through marketing campaigns must be filtered for insensitive content. Test the messaging first so that there are no gaffes over social media.

Finally, define your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Set the standards that make your brand better than your competitor. Tweak your product’s value adding properties to cater to people affected by the pandemic.  


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