Organic or Paid Search: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

As an internet services company that works with both organic SEO and SEM, one of the questions that keeps coming our way is the difference between organic and paid search. Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency or wondering how to power your business on your own, it’s important to know the difference between […]

Does It Make Sense for a Small Business to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

The short answer? Yes. Although if you’re reading this, you’d probably want to know why – and that’s perfectly acceptable. The arguments for and against small businesses finding value in investing in Digital Marketing Agencies have been trending for over half a decade now. While there are some that see it as a no-brainer, there […]

Marrying Poetry & Advertising To Grab Viewer’s Attention

One seldom mentions poetry and advertising in the same breath. While poetry is universally conceded to be the loftiest attainment of the verbal arts, advertising is the handmaiden of commercial motives. However, poetry and advertising do have a lot in common. They both make every possible use of rhyme and rhythm and to make the […]

Content vs. Design: Does One Come First?

In the world of digital marketing, perhaps one of the biggest chicken-and-egg debates is that of content versus design. So what does comes first, design or content? Here’s our take on this battle for precedence!  Those in favour of the design-first approach would argue that planning design before content helps streamline writing through constraints. Could […]

Moment Marketing: Making It Work For Your Brand

Moment marketing works great if the brand knows and understands its audiences’ emotions and expectations. It is important to marry ‘content with context’ and be the brand that has its pulse on what’s cool and relevant. How can brands take a trending moment and use it to effectively reinforce their brand proposition in such a […]

Moment Marketing: The Right Ad At The Right Time

‘Moment marketing’ seems to be the new buzzword among the marketing sector with brands all over leveraging every opportunity to associate with trending moments by cashing in on memorable moments.  According to Brand Equity, moment marketing refers to the brand’s ability to take advantage of real-time events to deliver spontaneous, and relevant as well as […]