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Moment Marketing: Making It Work For Your Brand

Moment marketing works great if the brand knows and understands its audiences’ emotions and expectations. It is important to marry ‘content with context’ and be the brand that has its pulse on what’s cool and relevant.

How can brands take a trending moment and use it to effectively reinforce their brand proposition in such a way as to create long-term brand impact? 

Following are a few points you could keep in mind.

  • Planning and agility are key to make campaigns based on real-time moments feel authentic and memorable. 
  • The simplicity of thought and execution is key so as not to confuse or repel consumers with an overdose of brand communication and product placement. criticised. 
  • A timely on-brand observation about the moment guarantees immediate virality, playing a definitive advantage over traditional media. 

With so many moments making the news today, how can a brand decide which moment to leverage and which to stay away from?

The beauty of good moment marketing is a natural fit between what a brand stands for and what the moment depicts. While the masses can be your biggest fans, there’s a possibility that they could also turn into your strongest critics if you spark a conversation that just does not fit. Hence it is important for brands to also ensure that they do not move away from their core target audience or conflict with their brand ethos. 

In such cases, you’d rather not have a campaign that becomes the talk of the town than have one which can cause far-reaching damage to your brand. 

Thus, what marketers need to keep in mind is that only if the event/moment is absolutely relevant and reinforces the brand message for their brand should they dive straight in and create a storm out of it. 

Now that the brand has identified and leveraged the right moment, what is the scope for measurement of the impact of the campaign? 

While the most effective way to measure the impact or effectiveness of your campaign is by the mentions the brand receives, the number of likes/shares/retweets/forwards, the nature and number of conversations it generates, the spike in the number of brand searches, web traffic growth and sales impact. If the brand has leveraged moment marketing effectively and consistently, then anticipation from the audience on how the brand will leverage future key moments also becomes a scale of measure. 

Marketing Moments That Creometric Leveraged On

Even though creating an impactful moment marketing campaign is not enough to build brand loyalty, it is pretty impressive how a moment of brilliance can be more effective than a well-thought-out campaign. Here’s a look at some innovative posts the Creometric team came up with for some of their clients.


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