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Moment Marketing: The Right Ad At The Right Time

‘Moment marketing’ seems to be the new buzzword among the marketing sector with brands all over leveraging every opportunity to associate with trending moments by cashing in on memorable moments. 

According to Brand Equity, moment marketing refers to the brand’s ability to take advantage of real-time events to deliver spontaneous, and relevant as well as fight for consumer eyeballs. For instance, when cricketer Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement, several huge brands shared creatives thanking him for his contribution to the world of cricket. Such opportunities help brands build moments with their consumers that will last long after the campaign is over, thus associating that moment forever with the brand.

The rise of moment marketing

Even though recent events like the Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission, the #RahulBoseMoment and the release of the second season of the popular Netflix series Sacred Games have given rise to a flurry of brand campaigns around them, Amul is credited to introducing India to moment marketing since 1966 and till date garners a massive amount of brand love through its topical posts.

Do any of these momentary viral campaigns have any potential of actual brand impact?

In today’s age, grabbing people’s attention is getting harder and, not to mention, an expensive proposition for brands. All their promotions and stories shared across various platforms is leading to increased clutter which leads to consumers turning a blind eye to hard-selling brand communication. This has led to a surging interest in moment marketing, which helps brands cut through the clutter and offers a more effective way to focus marketing spends, connect with the existing audience as well as engage untapped consumers. These interventions also communicate to the consumer that the brand cares about the same topics that the consumer cares about, thereby building exponential empathy and relevance.

Click here to read on about how moment marketing plays the role of a game-changer for brands, marketers and customers.

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