How Nike Got Its Marketing Right This Pandemic, And What We Can Learn

Nike’s “Just Do It” war cry is instantly recognizable. From it’s iconic ‘Its Play for the World’ and ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ marketing campaigns, Nike has always found a way to connect to its audiences. That same “Just Do It” war cry is also marketed around during this pandemic. It has resonated with billions around […]

5 Videos That Will Help Your Digital Marketing and Branding Strategy

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It’s Monday again and it’s time for our beginning-of-the-week round-up of digital marketing motivation for you. As part of this week’s feature, we bring you a compilation of some of the most inspiring videos on marketing and branding from some of the icons in the field for that early week inertia.  Building a Digital Marketing […]

Does It Make Sense for a Small Business to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

The short answer? Yes. Although if you’re reading this, you’d probably want to know why – and that’s perfectly acceptable. The arguments for and against small businesses finding value in investing in Digital Marketing Agencies have been trending for over half a decade now. While there are some that see it as a no-brainer, there […]

Marrying Poetry & Advertising To Grab Viewer’s Attention

One seldom mentions poetry and advertising in the same breath. While poetry is universally conceded to be the loftiest attainment of the verbal arts, advertising is the handmaiden of commercial motives. However, poetry and advertising do have a lot in common. They both make every possible use of rhyme and rhythm and to make the […]