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Posted on March 25, 2020


Keywords serve as a code for ideas and topics that define the content on your website. They are like a bridge between the words or phrases that people enter into the search engine and the content that you are providing to fill their needs. The keywords on your page should be relevant to what the users are searching for so that they have a better chance of finding your content among the various results. The ultimate aim of having keywords in your website is to drive organic traffic from the search engine result pages.

Types of keywords

A successful search strategy is based on targeting accurate and relevant types of keywords. Once you identify your keywords, you can drive the most traffic to your website, generate leads, and conversions for your brand.

There are 4 main categories of keywords under which there are a few subcategories of keywords relevant for your search strategies. 

  • Targeting keywords

  • Keywords by length 

  • On-site keywords 

  • Google ads keywords 

Targeting Keywords 
  1. Market Segment Keywords

Keywords that are associated with an industry or brand. In this category, the terms may be broadly associated with an industry or more specific for niche marketing. Eg. traditional wear.

  1. Customer-Defining Keywords

Customer-defined keywords are search phrases that identify a specific category of customers or audiences. In these searches, customers use phrases or words to define themselves. Eg. traditional wear for women 

  1. Product Keywords

These are keywords related to a specific brand and its products or services. These types of keywords are a direct reference to a brand’s products or services. Eg. Fab India kurtas for women. 

  1. Branded Keywords

Search phrases that include a brand’s name. These types of keywords generally include only the brand name. Eg. Fab India kurta.

  1. Competitor Keywords

Are keywords that target the competitor’s businesses, services or products. It’s important to research competitors’ keywords in order to give your brand the upper hand to attract a similar audience of potential buyers. Eg. BIBA traditional kurta for kids.

  1. Geo-Targeted Keywords

Geo-targeted keywords are location based search phrases. People who are looking out for results that are near them, or in another area. Eg. Fab India store near me 

Keywords by length 
  1. Short-Tail Keywords

Keywords that are popular, and have a broad search term of extremely high volume search traffic. These terms are very competitive to rank for and are usually one or two words. Eg. ethnic wear 

  1. Mid-Tail Keywords

keywords that have a high volume of traffic but are highly competitive These keyword terms are usually two to three words and are slightly more descriptive than short-tail keywords. Eg. best ethnic wear 

  1. Long-Tail Keywords

Are identified as the longest search terms and are specially targeted to a specific audience. These keyword terms generally have low search traffic which makes them easier to rank for. Eg. best linen kurta for kids.

On-site keywords 

Primary Keywords

Are the main terms you target on each webpage. These keywords will help improve your search traffic and rank for your webpage content and keywords in it.  Eg. kids ethnic wear.

Google Ads keywords 
  1. Broad Match Keywords

A broad match keyword is a targeted search term in a Google Ads search campaign. The ad will appear if someone searches for a singular or plural form, a similar phrase, misspelling, synonym, or any other variation related to the broad match term. Eg. kurta’s for sale

  1. Phrase Match Keywords

This targets a specific search phrase in a Google Ads search campaign. The search queries may have words that are written before or after the phrase, but it must include the exact phrase eg. ethnic wear sale, ethnic wear store

  1. Exact Match Keywords

An exact match keyword is targeted to the specific keywords mentioned in a Google Ads search campaign. Eg. women kurta, kurta for women, kurta women.

  1. Negative Keywords


These are keywords, phrases or terms that you intentionally exclude within Google Ads from specific search campaigns. Eg. Biba kurta.

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