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Posted on March 23, 2020


Videos always have a higher conversion and click-through rate (approx. 41%) than plain text ads in the Universal Search results. Hence, this area should be a key focal point in any marketing strategy. So how do you get your video shown to the right type of people? Video SEO will do its trick. 


Basic Video SEO  

Video quality is essential for your content to stand out and rank in the first place. Studies have shown that all 100% of videos returned in universal searches also ranked in the first place of their native platform. So if your video does not rank well on its home page, it most, likely won’t do well in a universal search. Host your video on the most frequented platforms, such as Youtube. 


Keyword Do’s and Don’ts  

Do not use transactional keywords (such as ‘buy’, ‘cheap’, ‘free’ and ‘sale’ etc.) or navigational keywords (such as brand descriptions, names, site URLs, etc) as these tend to signal a more spammy quality.  DO USE informative words like ‘how-to’, ‘learn’, ‘what is’ and ‘history of’ as these types of terms aim to address a question or solve a problem and tend to rank better.

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