Sneak Peek into Search Campaign’s Location & Language Settings

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Posted on March 23, 2020

Sneak Peek into Search Campaigns Location and Language Settings

‘Location Settings’ is where you choose the geographical area where you want your ads to appear. By default, your ads will target users outside of the specified area you are targeting if the search term includes the name of the location you are targeting. For example, if you are advertising a dance academy in Bangalore, you will probably only want to target the ‘Bangalore area’ and use a keyword like ‘dance school’ as a phrase match.

Keyword match types are used to trigger users searching for your product or service. Just bear in mind that if a user, anywhere in the world, conducts a search for ‘dance academies in Bangalore’ your ads may be served. You can turn this option off in the additional settings section on the bottom of the campaign setup page where they let you adjust settings for ‘location options’ by choosing to target ‘people in your targeted locations’ as opposed to ‘people in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations’.

The next section that needs your attention is the language settings. With search advertising, choosing a particular language will mean that you will only show ads for people whose browser settings are for that language. Obviously, if your ads are in English, you do not want to waste ad impressions and lower your CTR by showing ads to people who don’t understand them. However, if your campaign is comprised of keywords triggered by English search terms and the person searching knows English, you might want to consider choosing to target all languages, regardless of the user’s browser language setting.

Targeting all languages, even when your campaign is in only one language, is something you might want to consider. Suppose you want to organize an event, and want audiences from another region to participate, then you can either:

  • Select ‘Geo-Targeted’ as a setting – To show the search ads to a specific region, but also add aggressive keywords such as the ‘type of event’


  • Select ‘Geo-Targetifiers’ – To target the campaign towards a broader region, but force in specific modifiers on town/city names where the event will be held.

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