Search Advertising

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Posted on January 21, 2020

Search Advertising

You proably didn’t know this, but search engines such as Google are a great place to advertise. Millions of people are searching for millions of things all the time. Why shouldn’t your product or service be right up there? In this section, we dive deep into search advertising and how you can use it to maximise you online advertising campaign. We will learn the anatomy of a search campaign, along with how to set up a search campaign. Keywords in advertising are just as (if not more) importatnt as keywords in content creation, so we’ll also take a look at how you can find and use the right keywords for yourproduct or service. 


Now that we’ve dirtied our hands with all the ground work, it’s time to build our first campain. The exciting part about this section is that here, we will learn how to write and test your first online advertisement. We will also learn how to create shopping campaigns, set up your very own merchant center and data feed, and finally launch your completed shopping. Sounds exciting doen’t it? Then let’s get into it!

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