Search Campaign Basics – Delivery Methods and Bidding Options

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Posted on March 23, 2020

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Once your campaign budget is set, the next step is to choose your delivery method. If your campaign is running with a small budget that is limiting its impressions, you should set it to standard ad delivery as opposed to accelerated delivery. Accelerated ad delivery will show your ads every time an ad wins an auction. This is great if you want maximum exposure with a robust budget. But if you are limited by budget, this setting can cause your ads to stop showing at any point of the day.

The ads will show up early in the morning up until midnight. With accelerated ad delivery, it will stop the moment the budget runs out. That’s why standard delivery works best. 

Once you are comfortable with the delivery method, its time to set your bidding options. It is crucial that you choose your bidding options carefully. Google Ads allow several automatic bidding options which you might want to choose based on your ads’ historical conversion data. It’s now time to set your campaign to a manual CPC (cost-per-click).

Once you are done choosing the bidding options, click ‘Save and Continue’. At this point, your campaign has been created, and is saved to your ad account. Now, the shell of your ad campaign is complete. At this point, the only details lacking are ad groups, campaign targeting, and the actual ad creatives.

Google takes you to a page where there are tools that help you find potential keywords and add them to your first ad group. Hit cancel, and exit out of their step-by-step wizard at this point and finish creating the ad group. Once the ad group is created, you can add multiple ads to the same ad group. You can also add multiple targeting settings within the ad group level.

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