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Posted on March 23, 2020


It is every company’s aim to build strong and positive brand awareness and a huge following. In this competitive business arena that revolves around social media, the last thing you’d want is to get a bad reputation. Being reputed for the wrong reasons like poor service, a low-quality product is the red flags you need to look out for. This is where social listening comes to play.


What is Social listening?

Social listening means monitoring your brand’s social media channels. You monitor customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand. Under social listening, you also monitor discussions regarding specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries. All this is then followed by an analysis to obtain insights and work on those opportunities.


Importance of Social Listening:

Social Listening is different from social monitoring. It is a two-part process.

It does not stop at monitoring. It investigates the root causes of the issue.

It works towards building a  long term strategy to prevent the issue from occurring again.


Why does your business need Social Listening?

In order to maintain stability and a good reputation in the market, you need to use this tool. Here are a few reasons to start using Social Listening:

  • Customer relationship

Customers like to be heard and love to receive a response. You not only retain customers but also gain more customers by simply listening and responding to their queries and complaints.

  • To track your brand’s growth

It is wise to ignore some rude comments. But, you are in trouble if your negative comments outweigh the positive. This is the best time to use social listening. You can use social listening, analyze, do some research and check if the rise in negative comments has led to a decrease in followers.

If so, then you can come up with a strategy and take the necessary steps towards solving this issue.

What are you waiting for? Start using Social Listening to help your company grow through a rough journey towards success.

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