How to add keywords to an Ad Group? – Part 2

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Posted on March 23, 2020

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While more keywords do not necessarily mean more potential reach, more roots and attributes do. There is a potential pitfall. Launching your campaign with four root keywords for your product, as broad modifier, has the possibility of having your ads shown with every possible attribute for those words. It’s a bad idea.

Here’s why. Our CTR would suffer due to our ads being shown to irrelevant users, such as someone looking for a ‘wireless padded bra’. Our CTR would suffer due to the fact that we are not segmenting these searches into ad groups that deliver a more targeted message for the search itself.

For example, someone searching for iPhone wireless charging will respond much better to an ad that promotes a wireless charger which works for iPhone. You’ll need keywords specific to that segment, in its own group, in order to serve it with its own ad.

Our ROI would suffer as some of the irrelevant searches would result in irrelevant clicks which won’t convert. Our ROI would also suffer from the fact that we’re unable to set different max CPC bids on terms having different values based on the intent of the user. Users searching for ‘buy best wireless charger’ are more likely to convert faster and better as well as have a higher value per click than someone searching for ‘how does a wireless charger work?”. 

Both terms can be triggered by the same keyword, this means that when you set your max CPC bid for that keyword, you’re setting the same bid for both terms. 

Alas, the time has come to create your keywords. Let’s start by listing potential groups based on differences between the words we listed in our attribute and root list that have significant search volume.

Group 1 – Wireless Charger

Group 2 – Charging Pad

Group 3 – Charging Mat

Group 4 – Samsung

Group 5 – iPhone

Group 6 – Belkin

Group 7 – How

Let’s add the list of keywords into the first group for ‘wireless charger’, starting with keywords comprised of fewer words; ones you could add as an exact match.

Next, add your broad modifiers for that group; these are mixes and matches of words from your attribute list. Now you can add terms that you want to trigger keywords in other groups, such as ‘iPhone’ and ‘Samsung’, as broad negatives to ensure that if a user conducts a search for one of these terms, they will see the ad that better apply to it.

You can also add terms that you don’t want to trigger ads in any group as campaign negatives. By putting this work into an excel spreadsheet, with the correct column headers, you can upload them later into your Google Ads account through their web interface or the Google AdWords Editor (their desktop application). 

You may want to get used to working this way as it’s more efficient and saves time. You can see how we did this for the previous step in this example. When you’re ready, you can upload this directly to Ads. Doing so will add keywords listed in the keyword column with the match type listed in the match type column.

It then adds the appropriate ad group listed in the ad group column to the campaign name listed in the campaign column. Keywords that are campaign negatives encompass the entire campaign. They are uploaded without specifying any ad group. Next repeat the process for the rest of the ad groups. Be careful with broad modifiers that are made up of few words as they have a greater potential to match with irrelevant terms.

If you did the work in Excel, you can post the groups to Google Ads, along with their keywords, either through the AdWords Editor or the ads web interface. If not, you can create the ad groups as well as the keywords through the Google Ads user interface.

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