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Conversion Rate Optimization

converstion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimisation is merely a process of increasing the website traffic for those who take necessary actions to convert. Online traffic is inconsistent, which makes it very important to run an effective conversion rate optimization campaign. It involves understanding how visitors move about on your website, what actions they opt, what is stopping them from completeing the desired objective and where the users get stuck and bounce back from which page. CRO helps understand your site’s usability and gives you customer behaviour insights and also provide tips to better your user experience goals.


Some examples of conversion:
  • Product purchase
  • Signup for a newsletter 
  • Hire services
  • Make subscription 
  • Download 
  • Answer a survey 
  • Give feedbacks
  • Fill out a form
  • Request a quote
  • Create an account 
  • Add product to cart 


CRO helps you improve customer insights and understand the needs of your target audience. Conversion Rate Optimization encourages finding the right customers for your company. It’s more important to have quality customers rather than customers who won’t convert. Higher conversion rates mean higher Return on Investment. 

Ensure that you provide the best user experience for your customers. In order for customers to share their credit card details or email or personal details, you need to first build a site they can trust. A website should be like your best salesperson which is professional, ready to answer queries, courteous, and available 24×7 for customer service. 


CRO is important for many reasons like lowering your cost per lead, improving user experience, getting an SEO boost, incremental business returns, and increasing customer lifetime value.


Some tools to measure different types of conversions
  • Google analytics
  • Moz Pro
  • Google Consumer Survey
  • Qualaroo
  • Usertesting,com
  • Inspeclet
  • A/B testing 
  • Optimizely
  • Unbounce
  • Google Content Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blogs in Business

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What topics should I write about in my business blog?

 Focus on topics that align with your business and provide value to your target audience. Address common pain points, answer frequently asked questions, share industry insights, and showcase your expertise. It’s about providing useful content that your audience will find relevant.

How can I make my blog posts more engaging?

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