Increase your presence online organically with these 5 tips

presence online

As the world begins to slowly recover from the COVID19 pandemic, there is a lot of pressure on companies to get up and running. Not just for the sake of their employees and for profit, but to help contribute to their local economies. The lockdown forced large and small companies to downsize or close in […]

What is Social Media Marketing? A quick beginner’s guide

social media marketing

Unless you’re living in a bubble, there’s a good chance that you are on a number of social media platforms. You can’t ignore it! The need to be social and online is the norm, and virtually everyone is doing it. That is why Social Media is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing tools […]

If your company was affected by COVID-19, invest in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

No one could have imagined or predicted the impact a global pandemic such as COVID-19 could have on the economy – except for maybe Bill Gates in his famous TedTalk back in 2015. A recent report by SEO industry leader SEMrush, outlined the economic impact of Coronavirus on the global economy, with attention to specific […]