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Ad Extensions That Convert: Enhancing Your PPC Campaigns

Ad Extensions That Convert

There’s more to creating a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign than merely coming up with eye-catching advertising and keyword research. Ad Extensions are a feature of PPC campaigns that are frequently overlooked. You may add these extra bits of data to your Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) to increase their efficacy and boost your return on investment. We’ll look into several unusual and effective ad extensions that convert in this blog article, including topics that aren’t usually covered in most blogs.

Understanding Ad Extensions

In order to better understand these novel approaches, let’s quickly review what ad extensions are. You can add more data, known as ad extensions, to your Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) campaigns. These might be client reviews, further business details, or links to particular sections of your website. They increase the prominence and information of your adverts, which increases click-through rates.

Leverage Structured Snippets for Specificity

Although structured snippets are quite effective in highlighting particular features of your goods or services, they are frequently disregarded. These snippets, as opposed to full descriptions, let you draw attention to particular aspects or divisions of your products. If you sell electronic products, for instance, structured snippets can list products like “Smartphones,” “Laptops,” “Tablets,” and so on, providing prospective buyers with an overview of what you have to offer.

Use Price Extensions Wisely

Although price extensions can change the game, not all advertisers take advantage of them. Strive to contextualize pricing rather than just stating them. If you work in the service sector, for example, demonstrate how your pricing is competitive or that it provides greater value than that of your rivals. This tactic works particularly well for companies where clients heavily consider price while making decisions.

Experiment with Promotion Extensions

Extensions for promotions work well for sales and exclusive deals, but they can also be used in more inventive ways. Use these extensions for flash discounts, one-time bargains, or even special offers for PPC visitors to go beyond the typical holiday sales. This strategy instills a feeling of exclusivity and urgency that prompts prospective buyers to make decisions more quickly.

Optimize Call Extensions for Mobile

For mobile users in particular, call extensions are essential. Here’s the twist, though: plan out your call extensions. You can make sure that potential consumers call during times when you’re available to answer by scheduling call extensions in accordance with your business hours. This improvement enhances the client experience and lowers the number of missed calls.

Implement Location Extensions with a Twist

Local businesses benefit greatly from location extensions, but there is still room for improvement. In your ad wording, combine them with regional keywords. By improving local SEO and making your adverts more relevant to local searches, this tactic raises the possibility that customers may visit your actual business.

Don’t Ignore Review Extensions

Google removed down automated review extensions, but your ad content can still include manual review citations. Bringing attention to favourable comments or recommendations from reliable sources can greatly increase your credibility.


Ad extensions are an important weapon in your PPC toolbox, but how you use them will determine how effective they are. Be creative and clever in your approach. You may greatly improve the performance of your ads, increase conversions, and ultimately get a higher return on your ad spend by putting these lesser-known tactics into practice.

Recall that the secret is to continuously test and refine your extensions to determine which ones your audience responds to the best. Cheers to your successful campaign!

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