Online Reputation Management

Would you go to a store after reading complaints about negative customer service? Or to a restaurant with a 1-star review?

It’s important to know what’s being said about your brand online. Reputations matter much more than most people realise, and no matter how good your marketing efforts are, a brand’s reputation always travels faster.

Online review sites have given customers a free space to express their reviews, and without good reviews, it is difficult to remain profitable. Additionally, more than 80% of customers look for what others are saying about a brand before buying from it, visiting it, or even engaging with it.

Creometric stays on top of your reputation management and ensures that you have a positive standing in the market – one that is respectable, credible, and customer-focussed. Our reputation management services are customised to suit a business’ specific needs, to monitor your brand’s online sentiment, and to address concerns proactively. We communicate with your customers, delighting those who have a good word to say about your brand and handling negative situations with professionalism and finesse – while offering you feedback to improve your services.

Do you care about what people say about your brand? If you do, it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency in Goa to put in the work and make your reputation work in your favour.

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