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Knowledge Sharing Sessions 1.0 UI/UX: Helping Employees Learn & Grow

At Creometric, we follow a simple principle, “Learn, Share, Grow” in the spirit of which we have launched our bi-monthly knowledge sharing “Creo Sessions” last Saturday, with Amit Adav, our in-house UI/UX designer.  

The objective of the session was pretty straightforward – to introduce our team to the basic notions of UI and UX design, which our designer broke down for us into a few simple rules. 

So what are the 7 golden rules of UI? 

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Every colour comes with a significance of its own.
  3. Consistent typography is pleasing to the eye.
  4. Illustrate! 
  5. Fun UI motion can make for an interactive experience
  6. People love data (when represented)
  7. Tell stories.

Now that we had the basics of UI right, it was time for some task-based learning! 

And being geeks, nothing thrills us more! Which led us to the next question: 

Does UI come before UX? 

Well, like any (good) designer would point out, UI would come first only if you aren’t designing for people! 

Amit reiterated the importance of designing for the customer, and helped us through a series of tasks: research, persona building, and prototyping our first website homepage!


We may not all be on our way to designing websites, but the principles of UI/UX are certainly transferable, for working in social media marketing is all about understanding your customers’ psyches. We look forward to the next Creo Session! 

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