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CreoTips – Our Secret To Running ROI Generating Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads are beautiful. They have the potential to make or break a marketing campaign. Brand awareness, lead generation, sales drive, customer engagement, event promotion – you name it.

Not everyone understands FB Ads though. Our advertisement team at Creometric has come across numerous clients who ask us to fix their Facebook Ad performance after struggling with the results themselves.

Some of them fail to generate conversions or are simply unsatisfied with their ROIs.

We thought, let’s share our productive secrets that have garnered close to a million impressions and made us one of the best digital marketing agencies in the land.

Let’s open up the can of secrets… 


Facebook Ad Secret #1 – Kickstarting Non-Performing Ads

You need to understand Facebook Ads before dumping creatives on them and expecting a result. The type of images, the copy used, the targeting, and the duration are all key.

Did you know that your ads can fail to reach the full target audience spectrum if there is more than 20% of text on the image?

For non-performing ads that go past 3 days, pause the ad, and do a diagnostic. See if the reach is met. Check if the reach is decreasing and if the cost per click has increased.

If the ad spends or reach is low, then its obvious your target audience is too small. Try to increase the target audience so that you don’t deny yourself of ad placements. Fine-tune your audience, thus reducing the narrowed down criteria.

Understand the audience behaviour on Analytics. See if your website flow has any leaks. Google Analytics is perfect to check the bounce rate, exit rate, etc. 

Check if your creative is working fine. Your CTR (click-through-rate) shows that. Understand the technical side. The landing page must match the content. Look at event tracking. See it is installed correctly.


Facebook Ad Secret #2 – Lesser people seeing your ad daily

It’s a number game. Identify issues that can be pinpointed. An example of a Facebook ad issue could be only around 1000 people seeing your ad per day.

Check if your budget is too less. Scale that budget to a considerable amount. The creative could be an issue as well. Modify it. Get it tested with your team at work. See if the quality of the image is good enough.

Check if your budget has reached a spend cap. For manual bidding, the bid cap could be too low. This could impact the ad reaching assured or competitive placements. 


Facebook Ad Secret #3 – Sudden increase in cost per result

One secret to tackle a sudden increase in cost per result is to reduce the daily budget of individual campaigns. Start with the one with a high CAC (customer acquisition cost).

Some fluctuation in Ads cost is normal. This is because Ads run on an auction-based system. Costs can increase if any changes made to the audience in the Ad section itself. Identify these costs and see how you can rectify the issue.


Facebook Ad Secret #4 – The same ad gets shown twice

The ad frequency tells you how many times a single audience member sees your ad. The secret is to try and keep the ad frequency to 3.

Higher the ad frequency, the higher the ad fatigue. Also, try changing the creatives or expanding the audience.


Facebook Ad Secret #5 – Spending only part of your total budget

The secret to this Ad stumble is ensuring you spend at least 70% of your daily budget. Payment methods i.e. a switch in currency could also be affecting the billing cycle. 

We also try to increase the billing threshold. You need to write to Facebook Support manually to get the threshold increased. Do that once you know your daily ad spend gets near 50% of the billing threshold. 

Keep an eye out for Facebook’s notifications about spending limits. Facebook usually prioritizes ads based on Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking.

Automatic bidding is a good option over manual bidding as Facebook does the ad cost-cutting for you. Optimization goal is another issue due to a lack of data being passed onto your Facebook pixel. 

Focus on optimizing the top-funnel events so that the Facebook algorithm understands who is your apt audience.

Run more split tests, check out what your competitors are doing differently, and update ads with fresh ideas. There is no sure solution in digital marketing. Everything is testing, 

Your creatives could be unsuitable for your audience. Poor results for clicks, conversions, or video views, are signs of an underutilized budget. Run more split tests, and be sure to check out your competitors to see if you need to update your ads with new ideas.



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