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Posted on March 23, 2020

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform. YouTube allows you to watch, like, share, comment or upload your own videos. This service can be accessed on mobile devices, laptops, PCs and tablets. YouTube is a free to use service. It is a great place for users to learn or discover new things or skills.


Is YouTube for business?

YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform. It attracts a large audience because it offers diverse content over a variety of genres. Like other social media channels, YouTube offers its users the ability to create content, share ideas and interact with people around the world. YouTube is popular and has unique features that can be used to promote and help in marketing your business.


With YouTube you can:
  • Demonstrate your brand’s nature
  • Launch or promote your products
  • Study your feedback
  • Reach a larger audience 
  • Create brand awareness


How to use YouTube to benefit your business?

Encourage feedback, comments and interactions

You understand your audience better by knowing what they want. Writing a comment is one of the ways in which your audience expresses themselves. These comments provide you with ideas to create content to promote your brand.

Share interesting, video-friendly content

Engage your audience with videos that are relevant to their interest. You get to know your audience by interacting with them. Make your videos entertaining whether they are instructional or promotional videos.


YouTube is a free to use platform you can use for marketing your brand, promoting sales and creating brand awareness. If you want to create a community, demonstrate your expertise, save bandwidth, promote your products and solve customer problems, YouTube is the platform for you.

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