What is Mobile SEO?

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Posted on March 25, 2020

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is optimizing a website for users working on smartphones and tablets. It includes making your site resourceful and accessible for search engine crawlers. Mobile optimization focuses on the look of the site design, page speed, and site structure, to make sure you aren’t turning your visitors away from your site. 


Some of the best practices for Mobile SEO 

  • Page speed is even more essential in mobile due to hardware and connectivity issues
  • Do not block CSS, Javascript or images. Let smartphone Google bots be able to see and categorized content valuable to the users as a responsive site. 
  • Website design for mobile. Indulge in simple and revolutionized designs. 
  • Do not use flash, instead use HTML5 as the plugin may not be available for some devices.
  • Do not use pop-ups either as they may be difficult and frustrating which might lead to a very high bounce rate. 
  • Design more for the thumb finger as touch navigation might lead to accidental clicks if the CTA buttons are too small, too big or difficult to scroll.
  • Optimize meta titles and meta descriptions. 
  • Insist on using Schema.org structured data since the mobile screen has limited display space.
  • Indulge in local search optimization including your accurate citation. 
  • Carry out a mobile site configuration in case you want to use a responsive, dynamic, or separate site configuration. 
  • Use fluid grid or flexible designs like CSS3 media queries for responsively designed sites in order to automatically serve the same content for mobile and desktop screens.
  • Use the URL to display different sets of HTML and CSS for the different types of devices that your users are using. 
  • Using separate Mobile URLs like a parallel site for mobile users is another option to create a fully customized site for your mobile visitors.

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