Ask yourself this: where do your customers spend the most part of their days? 

The answer is social media. 

In the last article, we took a brief look at how social media can work as a digital marketing tool. 

Now, let us take a moment to address why using social media as a marketing platform is such a  great idea. 


What are the benefits of social media as a marketing platform? 

1. Little-to-no-cost 

First of all, social media as a marketing platform represents little-to-no-cost. You can use any of the platforms ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube, depending on what suits you best, to promote your website, brand, products, or services.

2. Expand your reach 

Social media takes away the notion of geographical limitations. You are no longer limited to the region you work in, as is the case with offline media. By going online, you can, pretty much, reach the entire world. 

3. Communicate with your audience 

Secondly, social media allows you to communicate with your audience. You are no longer having a one-way chat with your target audience as you would in a traditional advertisement. With social media, you can strike a conversation with your audience, both on an individual and broader level.

4. Customer Research

Platforms such a Facebook and Instagram allow you to gain insight into your visitors’ behaviour, interests, and activities, thereby letting you streamline your content to meet their interests and needs.

4. Permission Marketing

Perhaps, the best part of using social media as a marketing platform is that people you interact with there give you the inherent permission to talk about your brand to them as opposed to traditional advertising that can be quite invasive.