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Posted on March 24, 2020

mobile user experience

Mobile user experience refers to the positive experiences users face while using mobile devices, wearables, and applications or services on such devices. It mainly focusses on discoverability and efficiency. 

User experience should be made personalised, effective, efficient, and enjoyable to keep users engaged enough to continue to use mobile devices. 

Discoverability of Mobile UX is said to be a challenge due to the size of the app marketplace that hampers the retention and engagement of the users. The key to building an efficient and positive user experience is shaping the mobile UX design from conception to operation and looking into how it co-operates with other devices and services. 


 A guide to Mobile UX design
  • Avoid cluttering 
  • Offload tasks
  • Break tasks into small parts 
  • Use familiar screens
  • Minimise user inputs
  • Anticipate user needs 
  • Use visuals to convey information 
  • Avoid jargon
  • Make the design consistent (visual, functional, and external)
  • Don’t immigrate UI elements from other platforms 
  • Keep the mobile app consistent with the website 
  • Respect all the platform guidelines
  • Include meaningful error messages 
  • Avoid glitches with the BACK button 
  • Be careful about colour blindness 
  • Keep the navigation simple 
  • Focus on first-time user experience.
  • Make text readable 
  • Design for one-touch

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