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Posted on March 23, 2020

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network, owned by Microsoft. Unlike most social networking platforms, LinkedIn is a professional and job oriented networking site. It is designed to help people find jobs, share their resumes and experiences as well as make business connections. LinkedIn is a professional version of Facebook.

Your profile, for example, contains your professional data. It’s like a resume that contains your total work experience, recommendations, achievements and referrals from colleagues.

Unlike other websites, LinkedIn offers you a career board where you can search and apply for jobs. Many organizations and employment services are compatible with LinkedIn. You can share your LinkedIn profile with them. It would be the same as sending your resume.

Features and terms

To know and understand this platform, you should be aware of the common terms and features offered. 

1. Home 

Home is like Facebook’s newsfeed. You can create your own posts, see other users’ posts, share, like, or comment on their posts. They can do the same with your post.

2. My Network 

My Network is a feature that allows you to see your existing network connections. You can invite LinkedIn users to join your network. You can also see invitations you’ve received from other LinkedIn users.

3. Jobs 

Jobs include everything related to your career. Here, you can search and apply for a job. You can also get information about companies you are keen to work with and much more.

4. Messaging

Messaging is an instant messaging platform used to chat with people in your network. You can send messages to people outside your network by subscribing to the LinkedIn premium. It gives you access to Inmail, which allows you to send messages to people outside your network.

5. Notifications

Similar to Facebook notifications, this feature keeps you posted about the latest post and activities done by the people and companies you follow or are connected with. It helps you stay up to date with recent and upcoming events.

6. Notifications

Me is your profile. It has all your professional details. This page can be used as your resume. All you need to do is constantly update your profile like you would your resume.


Is LinkedIn good for business?
The answer is yes. LinkedIn builds networks and connections. Through LinkedIn, you can boost your business by tapping into existing connections and promote your brand. You can up your game by having a detailed company page to grow your audience and get results. LinkedIn is also used for lead generation and helps you reach your marketing goals and target audience.

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