How To Tailor Your Social Media Content For Each Platform

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Posted on March 23, 2020


Every social media platform is unique. They cater to a unique audience and voice. Understanding that unique voice is important. Sharing content on social media means sharing it as per the platform’s voice. To make it simpler for content marketers, let’s discuss some tips to tailor social media content.  


Facebook rules the roost when it comes to social media. Facebook is not just for staying in touch with friends and family, it is now a powerful business tool. Facebook’s following and outreach is massive. Businesses must leverage this outreach to reach its intended target audience.  

Thanks to an array of marketing tools, Facebook’s story-driven posts can build engagement. Add images to Facebook posts. These images must be easy to load on mobile devices. Posts with images garner more engagement.  

Try offering a link to an in-depth version of a website/webpage. Use link shortening tools such as to enable tracking. Add videos or broadcast live using Facebook Live. Facebook Live videos produce approx. 6 times more interactions.


Twitter allows 280 characters. This makes it important to keep the message short and impactful. Add questions or facts within the tweets to grab attention. Give a clear call-to-action. Use link shortening tools. Twitter allows the usage of hashtags. Links must be provided to explain complex topics.


Instagram’s audience is young, image-centric, and are looking for influencers. Instagram is ideal for cooking, travel, fitness and beauty related products or services. Instagram is best for videos and images. Instagram’s frequency of posting should be once or twice a day. Captions which are catchy, cute and creative work best. 


LinkedIn works best for business selling. It’s a valuable channel for professionals. The tone should be formal. LinkedIn is not for personal sharing. Posts related to industries or companies work best here. Discussions can be carried well. Questions and quotes work best on LinkedIn. 


Close to 250 million users post pins on Pinterest. The boards must have a clear purpose. Pins must be relevant to the business account. Making sure the Business profile is created with an effective bio is key.

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