How to increase your website authority in backlinking

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Posted on March 23, 2020


Before the creation of a website, every creator researches on how to make his/her website rank on top of a SERP. Of course, the most famous answer to this would be using SEO. If we were to elaborate this further, off-site SEO would be a way to increase your page rank. Backlinking plays a very important role in offsite SEO. It takes a lot of time and numerous ways to create strong and relevant backlinks. While there are a few easy ways to strengthen your backlink game, there are also some complex ones. One of these is to increase your website authority. These backlinks have more importance than others. The main reason why you require them so much is that you can be sure of their 100% relevancy.

Website authority depends on many factors. Here are six ways you can improvise on them:

1. Fix your broken links

It’s essential to examine your site, find each and every broken link (if any) and fix it. There are various tools which can help you find broken links and following are the best to start with:

  • Google Search Console;
  • Sitechecker Crawler;
  • Ahrefs

2. Restore all 404 links

Thanks to SEMrush, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and, of course, Sitechecker you can easily check your website, look for 404 errors and proceed to fix them. These tools are the ones most sought after and are very easy to use. It’s also an effective way to boost authority. You can use 301 redirects to remove and transfer them to an appropriate webpage. 

3. Leave no room for unfixed redirect chains

What this means is that when you open one page you may get directly onto the other linked one. Indirect chains include so-called buffer pages.

4. Receive editorial backlinks

They are the most valuable for Google. To get editorial backlinks is only possible when you cannot enter the site, and your link passes the editorial examination. 


Acquiring these backlinks can be a real challenge because in order to do so you must build strong relationships with writers working in the same industry. You must have qualitative site content that will supply you with natural backlinks. This is difficult but rewarding.

5. The approach based on content

The creation of high-quality content is one of the most reliable and 99% guaranteed ways to drive your website’s authority. You have to search for the right target keywords; curate cool content; promote and advertise your work. A good piece of quality content is what Google cannot confiscate. You should do all that it takes to make your post valuable and not spammy. 


By following these few steps, you can easily increase your website authority even without new backlinks. The concept of SEO and consequently offsite SEO is a large subject when seen from afar. A lot of research and experience goes into creating a powerful website. However, with the right resources and tools, we’re sure you’ll get your page ranking high on Google’s search engines.

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