How Important is a Homepage in a Sales Funnel?

When driving users to a dedicated landing page, using specific targeting, you are taking them on a path that you dictate. Since this user doesn’t know your service, product or website yet, they need to be led. Users that enter your sales funnel often leave for many different reasons. At times they come back, not by clicking on an ad, but, by going directly to your home page. Perhaps they want to complete the purchase at the end of your sales path or maybe they would like to learn more information about your company. 

The role of your home page in the sales funnel is to serve as your company’s portal to the world. While a dedicated landing page is meant to send users that have a task to complete down the path to complete it, the home page should lead to many funnels. Some examples are sales funnels leading users to purchase products include:

  • funnels for users to successfully receive technical support
  • funnels to give users directions to visit your office
  • funnels for potential employees to explore company job opportunities
  • funnels for potential investors to learn more about the company

Using dedicated landing pages can drive your targeted traffic. You should think of your homepage in a sales funnel as a place that users come to know who you are. Your home page needs to have clear entry points to the many paths it can lead to, whether it’s a path to complete a purchase or directions to your office.  

Sometimes these users are not typing your domain name, rather they are searching for your website address.