Does Repurposing & Republishing Existing Content Help?

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Posted on March 24, 2020


You’ve probably heard of the age-old content marketing adage: “Write less, promote more.” 

In the current scenario, just rigorously publishing content one after the other won’t suffice. You’ll need to go back and add a few re-touches to your old content in order to keep it updated & evergreen.

Another effective strategy of getting more traffic to your content marketing efforts is to repurpose the same textual or blog content from your site on other platforms like social media sites as well as various other content-driven platforms like Quora, Reddit, SlideShare or Medium. Turning them into infographics or videos can help you score more traffic & social media shares.

Also, with repurposed content, you don’t have to worry about being hit by a Google penalty because you are only trying to increase the awareness of your brand. Thus you’re able to reach a wider audience, without doing any extra work and using existing content. But before doing so, make sure that your blog gets indexed by submitting your URL through the Google Search Console

Now to find out which content pieces are worthy of sharing.

Head over to your website’s Google Analytics account. Select a time frame, preferably of the last month. Navigate to Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages and sort the pages by Pageviews. GA will display a list of posts that drove the most traffic to your website sequentially. Pick the most popular ones and use them for your repurposing strategy.

You could also go back and change the target keywords in your old posts – including changing the header tags and URL (keep in mind, if you’re changing the URL you also need to add the appropriate redirects so that you don’t lose out on old traffic data) – to more lucrative ones in order to rope in new organic traffic.

With these points in mind you can start to achieve tremendous results from refurbishing your blog content’s form and republishing it on other platforms. 

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