Content Creation vs. Content Curation

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Posted on March 23, 2020


The two terms ‘content creation’ and ‘content curation and the difference between the two sparks quite a few debates amidst content writers. 

But the difference in form, as well as function of the two, is quite straightforward, and we have outlined the same for you below.

What is the difference between content creation and content curation? 

Content creation is basically the act of creating content from scratch. Right from ideation to research and then writing, all the ideas, facts, and data you produce are all your own original content. You essentially own the content you create.

Content curation, on the other hand, is the bringing together of ideas, data, and content available out there that is related to your industry. What you are essentially doing, as a content curator, is researching, organising, and sharing interesting information with your followers. 

Which type of content is better? 

Both content creation and content curation have their raison d’êtres

Content is essentially a way in which brands tell their stories. The action of sharing content available is, therefore, valuable to the creator of the given content. Another factor that makes content curation worth the effort is that by doing so, you are helping your audience find information that is useful to them. 

However, content curation is not enough when it comes to being useful to your audience. 

Even though content creation takes a lot of time and effort, it is definitely worth it. For one, it will give you a way to dive deeper into your own field and leave you with satisfaction like no other. For your followers and your brand, by creating content, you are building your authority as a brand, thereby building your audience’s trust and loyalty to your brand.

A balanced approach to the two types of content is always key to making the best of both worlds. As long as the content you create/curate is part of a strategy, it’s all about making it useful and fun.

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