Are you analyzing your content the right way?

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Posted on January 18, 2020

Are you analyzing your content the right way?

Just like customer research is important when you build a business or take over a client’s digital marketing, content analysis is just as important. Customer research and content analysis go hand in hand and are the basic foundation for increasing business through digital marketing. The data obtained through analysis can be used to measure the occurrence of certain words, phrases, subjects or concepts in a set of historical or contemporary texts.

What is content analysis? 

Content analysis is a research method used to identify customer behaviour and common patterns in past communication. The content on a website is obviously one of the most important things you should optimise, to allow search engines and incoming traffic know about your business.   

After thorough content research, you can now make deductions on what your target customers are searching for, and choose those keywords which you can now use in your SEO strategy. 

Using the information in the content provided, the search engine understands what your site is all about and shows this information in the results for the relevant keywords. 

It is really important to have all settings set up perfectly because you need to persuade visitors to click on your website link.

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