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Posted on March 24, 2020

What is a BLOG

A Blog is an online journal or a diary on a website. It includes content such as text, pictures, animated GIFs and videos. Initially, a blog was supposed to be a personal journal, but a blog owner nowadays can give its blogs the access to be private or public and share the info with exclusive groups and engage with the public. 


What are the different types of blogs
  • Personal Blog 

A personal blog is not specific to any topic or audience. It is more like a blogger writing their interests, hobbies, beliefs, daily life anecdotes, or sports, etc. Such blogs attract people who are like-minded and who share similar knowledge and experience. 

  • Personal Brand Blog 

As the name suggests, it is a blog that builds the blogger into a brand. These blogs give them the credibility to portray themselves as great speakers, thought-leaders, and teachers within the niche. It often includes coaching, guidance, consulting, personal development, and spirituality. 

  • Corporate Blog

A corporate blog normally includes writing about the products and services that the company offers. These blogs are written to support and encourage customers to buy these products or services. They’re also called enterprise blogs and are associated with a ‘Call to Action’. 

  • Personal Service Blog

These blogs discuss topics around the various services that are available. These may include babysitting, housekeeping, lawn care, gardening, etc. The idea of a personal service blog is to get hired for their services. The main interest of such blogs is to reach the local audience.

  • Niche Blog

Niche blogs normally include bloggers that are passionate about a specific topic that isn’t too saturated. Some of the popular Niche topics are finance, business, sports, fashion, food, literature, cars, music, movies, games, fitness, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, DIY, parenting, pets, etc. Before you start one, you need to analyze your audience and competition and monetize your opportunity. 

  • Affiliate Blog

Affiliate blogs are focused on products and services. These include reviews or tutorials of using or purchasing products and services and normally include a call to action that allows customers to click through and purchase the products on the website. 

  • Artist’s Blog

An artist’s blog, as the name suggests, are blogs that are written around a person’s art or talent such as painting, drawing, music, photography, sculptures, writing, etc. These blogs often provide articles that show work, galleries, workshops, provide tutorials, podcast, etc. 

  • Guest Blog

Guest blogs include content that is written by an expert or professional in a particular field. These blogs function in a way someone who already has a good following is called up to write on a topic for your website in order to increase traffic but it has nothing to do with hiring a writer. 


Benefits of blogging 

  • You can get a better job 
  • Start a new business 
  • Get more traffic to your existing business 
  • Become a better writer
  • Become a published author 
  • Get immediate feedback 
  • Learn more about different groups of people 
  • Gain experience 
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Build networks
  • Express yourself and share your passion 
  • Make a difference 
  • Learn how to make money online 
  • Build an online portfolio 
  • Market your business

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