Introduction to Social Media

As Internet users today, most of us don’t really need a users’ manual to social media as we are pretty much expert users of, at least, the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat. 

However, using social media on a personal level is very different from using it as a digital marketing tool. Here is a brief introduction to social media as a digital marketing tool. 

Here is an introduction to Social media and how to use it to elevate your brand 


What is Social Media? 

Social media is essentially a group of all those interactive platforms that allow users to create and exchange user-generated content on the web. 

Unlike traditional media where content was created by a few for the masses, social media is by the masses for the masses, so to speak. Various social media platforms are used for various kinds of content but the essence of all these platforms remains the same – people talk, share information, participate and network. 

We will talk about the various platforms, the benefits, and the ways to use social media in detail in the following articles, but before we do that, let us address the following question: 


How is social media used in digital marketing? 

Digital marketers use social media in a way that is more intuitive when it comes to the social behaviour and psychology of their online audience. 

Instead of interrupting user experience with a more traditional kind of advertising content, social media marketers use social media platforms with the aim of creating an online community of users who begin to voluntarily talk about them by engaging with and sharing a brand’s content as well as by creating content about the brand on their own.   

If you’d like to understand a brand can use social media to its advantage, head to the next article where we will talk about [the benefits of social media.]