7 Ways To Improve Your Focus At Work

Working in high-energy environments like the advertising or the digital marketing space can be fun and inspiring, but sometimes we find ourselves struggling to focus at work . 

Here are a few ways to bring out your inner zen.

  1. Stay organised. There a whole lot of list of online tools like Trello and Slack out there.
  2. Invest in a great pair of noise-canceling headphones and you’d be buying productivity!
  3. While procaffeinating may be a trendy word, it’s a good idea to figure out if you’re allergic or sensitive to caffeine before you pour that extra cuppa!

  4.  Breathing is a great way to help you recentre your attention and stay mindful.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. It’ll help keep those moods in check and decision-making won’t be a tedious process.
  6. Multi-tasking may make you feel like a superhero but your work would say otherwise. Did you know that it takes 10–18 minutes to get your attention back once interrupted?
  7. Learning the art of planning and work prioritisation can feel like adding more hours to your clock! That’s what we learned at our recent training session with Nordic Intent.

It’s International Stress Awareness Week, keep calm , stay productive and focus at work 

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