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5 Inspiring Indian Instagram Accounts You Can Learn From

5 Instagram Indian accounts you need to follow

It is said that success is only limited by your creativity. While that is true, when it comes to social media, sometimes it can also be limited by your exposure. If you’re a social media marketer or if you work at a social media marketing agency, staying on top of the game by following and seeking inspiration from the ground-breaking accounts, can take you a long way. 

As a digital marketing agency in Goa, we draw a lot of inspiration from the social media gems being produced in the country and we have decided to round up five of the best Indian Instagram accounts you can follow for some inspiration. 

Humans of Bombay

Just like their NY counterparts, Humans of Bombay is one of those rare profiles where the caption, using beautiful storytelling, is just perhaps more touching than the photos themselves. If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to telling stories in your captions, start here.


Smart, witty, engaging content, Swiggy is an account that will teach you how to use humor and the cultural context of India to your advantage (and leave you with a lot of laughs while you’re at it!).

Mad Over Marketing 

Bringing your marketing marvels from all over the world, this is an account that will push you to think really far outside the box. Spanning over both online and offline marketing examples covering global advertising, brands, marketing, digital, media and more, Mad Over Marketing doesn’t let you fall short of inspiration.

Lollypop Design 

If you’re looking for some design inspiration or some handy and easy-to-follow tips on how to use UX to your advantage in design, Lollypop Design is your go-to on Instagram.


The master of Instagram trends, Chaibuoy will teach you to use creativity and simplicity to your advantage. We will let you find out on your own, but here is an example of a post that got everybody talking, and saving!

So, are you ready to put your inspiration to use? If you fell in love with any of these accounts or would like to tell us about one of your favorites, we would love to hear from you. And if you’re looking for a social media marketing or digital marketing agency in Goa, do get in touch with us.

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