Pay for every lead you get – simple!

Pay Per Click Ads appear to people who are searching for your services or have searched for you before and didn’t buy, visit, or call. So rather than targeting a cold lead, you’re targeting someone who is looking for your services or has looked for it in the recent past. Wouldn’t you say that’s a sale waiting to happen?

We offer paid advertising across search and social platforms to deliver the best possible return on your investment. The best part? You pay for the leads you capture!


When you decide to run PPC ads in Goa with Creometric, you’re in good hands! Our team strategises and executes profitable paid marketing strategies using data-driven insights along with technology and creativity. Being Google Certified Professionals, Pay Per Click Campaigns are our forte and you’ll quickly believe that you can see tangible results with a very affordable budget. We report in real-time, so you can constantly see the value you’re receiving!

We’re already helping various small and mid-sized brands skyrocket their sales through Pay Per Click campaigns in Goa. Let us show you how Creometric, a leading digital marketing agency in Goa, can help you.

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Adwords Set Up

Being the fastest, easiest, and most targeted way to attract customers, setting up your AdWords account and subsequent campaigns needs to be done correctly by an expert. Being Google Certified professionals, Adwords is our forte and as your digital marketing agency in Goa, we guarantee fantastic results.

PPC Audits

As a leading digital marketing agency in India, we believe that there’s always scope for improvement. PPC audits are a way of digging in and finding specific areas that can be adapted, optimised, and improved so that your unnecessary spending can be curbed and your business can be pushed in the right direction.

Competitive Research

When you run PPC ads, exhaustive competition research is vital and when done correctly, can overwhelm you with data. Are your competitors stating their prices in their ads to show affordability? Are they offering free quotes or flaunting their experience? Our in-depth competitive research allows us to bring your strengths into focus to match and outrank them, and more importantly, to capture leads.

Display Advertising

Display ads appear on websites, not on search engines. At Creometric, we create and run ultra-focussed display ads for your brand to maximise clicks while reducing your ad spend to result in the best engagement and conversion.


Social Advertising

We offer pay per click ad services on social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. With creative ads, well-defined audiences and by collecting actionable data, your digital marketing campaigns in Goa will always garner great results.


98% of users don’t turn into customers when they first come in contact with a brand. With so much competition, it is crucial to appear before your customers, time and again, enticing them to purchase, visit, or call you. As your digital marketing agency in Goa, we provide you that unique edge over your competition by tracking each visitor that comes in contact with your brand and retargeting them, eventually converting them to customers.

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